Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Favourites

Hello Lovely’s so today's post is going to be my august favourites (YAY). Now I do love my makeup however I am one of those people who rarely ever change brands, so my favourites most likely will not have that stuff in it, never the less I have managed to find six things (in no particular order)  that I have adored in august that are not makeup haha.

1.       Tonight alive

Tonight alive is a pop punk band from Sydney Australia (Straya Represent) I have liked them for a while now but due to their concert in early September I thought I should familiarize myself with them a bit more intensely and can I just say I adore everything about them. They are a must listen, try ‘bathwater’, ‘to die for’ and ‘wasting away’

2.       Leonardo build a bear

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wreck it wednesdays

I discovered the 'wreck this journal' on tumblr (like everything else under the sun) about a year ago and from the second I saw it I wanted one. trouble is that i live in Australia, which means my lovely people that either we don't have things or they are impossible to find. So the second I found one I new I had to have it. So I brought my wreck this journal in around march this year, maybe earlier. 
I did not realize exactly how much effort I would end up putting into each page (perfectionist alert) so I cant guarantee that this will be a weekly thing, but hopefully I will update this at least every fortnight. 
so here is a look at the first five pages.

Page one - Crack the spine time
Ok so this is the first page I did and as you can see I left a cup on it like a smart person and it leaked so that is what the yellow stuff is. this page was just done with normal ballpoint and fine tip pens. I used a light and dark blue, a black, purple and a pink. there is a tardis in the top left corner and the writing says ' I am defiantly a mad man in a box' and in the bottom corner it says ' the angels have the tardis'. So this is a doctor who themed page, the quote and 'crack in time' are both from Matt smith (the 11th doctor)
I included the pens I used and the tardis from my pop vinyl collection. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

#paintaday September

Ok so I have decided that I Want to do one on those 'photo a day for 365 days' challenges. Despite the fact that I have attempted it twice before and failed. both times. the first time I did random photos and I made it about 35 days before I ran out of ideas. The second time I did a seflie a day but as you will all know there is days where the absolute last thing you want to do is take a photo of yourself and I made it about three months before I gave up on this one too. I'll keep this post short. What I have decided to do is to actually plan out my year. As you will see above every day has a theme, some are obvious, like a photo of yourself or a clock and others leave more room for creativity like, E is for? and vintage. So my plan is to do weekly updates on my progress (every Sunday) as well as giving suggestions for the next weeks worth of images. if anyone wants to follow this on a more day to day basis my Tumblr and Instagram links are on the right so feel free to click them a give me a follow :) and please let me know if you find this and plan on doing this challenge so I can follow your progress :) I have made my own version of the days because I just couldn't seem to find one that i was entirely happy with. in that respect feel free to tweak this as much as you like so it suites your interests or your part of the world.
So the first update will be on the 7th of September and my suggestions (in no way shape or form does anyone have to follow these they are only in case you get stuck )

1. Normal selfie
2. A mug or Frame with your letter on it
3. Pen writing on paper
4. You in your shoes
5. Your phone screen
6. On a blank wall
7. Baby photos

So yea I hope you all enjoy my updates and my photos and be sure hit me up if you decide to do the same.
I'll see Yall next time.

(BTW I'm Aussie so the season are made for the southern hemisphere, if anyone finds this and wants me to make one with reverse seasons just let me know)